The following FAQ are provided to help teams prepare for the competition. As the site is developed these FAQ will be extended to cover any issues that arise. A separate rules section will be provided after the competition formally launches in November 2017.


Can I be involved with multiple entries?

No. Each individual can only be involved in one team.


Does each member of the group have to say something during the pitch?

No.  It is up to you as a group to determine how you would like to present your pitch, and how many people in your group should speak. The presentation could be done by all members of the group, or by one, the choice is yours.


How many different disciplines can I have represented on my team?

The maximum team size is four, so at most four departments could be represented on one team. Please note however that the minimum departments per team is two to ensure that teams take a multidisciplinary approach to their policy problem.


Can I include people from other universities on my team?

No.  All team members must be affiliated with the University of Cambridge as their primary institutional affiliation.


What sort of feedback will we be given?

The teams which win through from the heats will be invited to a half-day workshop on policy pitching which will be provided by the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP).


Does the policy proposal need to relate to the UK, or can it be about any country or can it be a global challenge?

This is up to you. There is no requirement that the policy has to be applicable to the UK, as long as you make it clear in your pitch where it would apply, whether that is one country, a region, or the world as a whole.


What are the judging criteria?

Your policy pitch will be judged on the following four points:

  • Importance – addressing a significant policy challenge;
  • Innovation – using new approaches to solve problems rather than relying on a narrow set of approaches;
  • Political feasibility – your solution cannot just work on paper, it has to be able to get through the politics of the day;
  • Clarity – your solution must be presented clearly, persuasively, and in a compelling fashion.


Can I use PowerPoint or other presentation aids?

Yes.  It is entirely up to you how you would like to do your pitch – although we will draw the line at bringing wild animals into the room. All presentational materials will be required a week in advance of any heat or the final to allow the organising team to prepare.


How do I receive updates?

To register with Cambridge Policy Pitch to receive email updates and notifications please visit the REGISTRATION page.