Timeline & Process

The Policy Pitch will be formally launched in late November of 2017 after which point a fuller timetable with detailed instructions will be posted on this site.

The timeline for the competition will be as follows –

  • Registration for teams from December 2017 to the end of January 2018
  • Heats to be held in late February/early March 2018 depending on the volume of entries
  • The Final of the Cambridge Policy Pitch will be held in May 2018 for the strongest five to six teams from the heats. This Finals event will include an invited dinner for the finalists and judges of the Policy Pitch.

The structure of teams and eligibility rules are as follows –

  • A minimum of two and maximum of four members per team
  • Only undergraduate/post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers of the University of Cambridge are eligible to enter
  • There must be at least one undergraduate or post-graduate student per team
  • At least two departments of the University must be represented by the members of the team

A fuller set of rules and eligibility criteria will be posted here in December 2018.

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